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It’s been too long since I’ve blogged on this profile. I suppose it’s because I haven’t had anytime to write anything, and I haven’t had time to be too depressed. The past 4 or 5 months I’ve been working on 3rd shift, and with my friends or son everyday. I’ve rarely had time alone, and when I do, I sleep or browse posts on my other tumblr. I’ve had some of the hardest times, surprisingly though I didn’t go to the horrible things I normally would. Maybe it’s because I actually feel like I have people who wholeheartedly care about me now. Even though a few have stabbed me in the back. The few that are left are every bit worth it. There was a couple of days where I felt completely lost. I burnt myself with my cigarette, but that hasn’t happened again. I feel good about life now. Memories and regrets are hard to deal with, and there are a few things about myself I’d still change, but all in all, I’m happy. I have some bad days, and maybe I’ll go back to blogging on here to help ease my mind of stress. Though no one really reads this anyway, right?


doctor who is a family show about a wacky alien who travels through time and has adventures and saves planets and commits the occasional genocide


Its Slender man, Matt Smith



SuperWhoLock: Powerpuff Style

  1. Team FreeWill [x]
  2. The TimeLord Boys [x]
  3. The BakerStreet Boys [x]


Without tumblr, life would be incomplete.

I remember the day my heart went numb.